Personal Sources
    A Storyboad Teamplage File. Adobe Illustrator File ver.10
    A thesis paper: An installation Against Digital Culture, "Afterimages"
    Electronic Arts Theory Paper.
    The Second Electronic Arts Theory Paper.
    Creative Seminar: Self-Evaluation
    The visual and space image of the Internet based on MOO application.
    New York City Research Study
    TV and CulturePpaper: Pepsi Television AD, "Flying Geeese".
    Electronic Theory Paper: "Poping Art"
    TV and Culture Paper: "Fun versus Serious"
    A note from a Art Theory Class.
    An idea note of a installation project.
    Video Cultrure Note.
    TV Culture Class Syllabus.
    TV Culture Class Note.
    The proposal paper of the the Hour IEAR Project.
    The Final Plan of Antonio Muntadas Project, "Hybrid SPACEs".
    An idea of a video project.
    The Proposal of the Ramakien Multimedia Project.
    The Proposal for Individual Creative Project.
    ** The Summary of Art-Definitions
    ** The Words of Electronic-Arts.
    ** The Summary of "Don't Make-Me Think" Book.
    ** Computer Ethnics: Virtual-Reality
    ** Computer History Note
    ** The Summary of "Dialectic of-Enlightment- The Culture-Industry"
    ** The Summary of "Digital-Cinematography"
    ** The Summary of "Electronic-Culture"
    ** The Summary of "High and Low Modern-art and Popular-Culture"
    ** The Summary of "Multimedia-Tech. From A to Z"
    ** The Summary of "The Emperor's New-Art"
    ** Pop-Art INFO. from the web.
    ** The Summary of "Understanding-Media: Marshall McLuhan"
    ** The Summary of "An Essential-Guide to Video-Art"
    ** The Summary of "World-Wide-Video"
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