Creative Seminar II
Collaboration Project Treatment

Chung Kyu Kim


The main idea of this project is based on a handing downed fairy story, The Ramakien. The Ramakien was written by an anonymous person in Thailand long time ago. This story has a universal theme, about King, Queen, War, Love, Betray, and so on. Ramakien story cause us to introduce it to the public, specially children. During the process of this work we believe that we would explore and experience new methods to develop our artistic vision and ideas.

The Ramakien have published as a book with English version. Even though The Ramakien is a popular story to some countries, we want to make it easy to read and to cause it to spread effectively. The target of this work is children. While trying to find a effective method, we decide that a Electronic book is a good method to extend the printed word. Why CD or electronic books Electronic books extend the printed word into a digital domain. They offer not only text, illustrations, and photos but add sound, video, and animation, providing access and understanding not available with printed books. They offer a far greater storage capacity as well as the ability to quickly search and retrieve text and other elements.

Electronic books can serve to re purpose existing content into a digital form, but more importantly, they offer a forum for redefining the nature of publishing and subsequent interpretation of published materials. The linearity of a printed book is no longer a constraint. Instead, it becomes a single option for a reader who has the power to navigate at will through the hypermedia world of an electronic book. The ability to combine different media and create new paths of navigation is already challenging the traditional published forms such as novels, reference books, children's stories, even atlases.

Traditional children's storybooks in print form present text and graphics, some with the added thrill of pop-up pictures. But often the stories in a book go beyond the printed page as a child begins to develop questions about characters, scenery, and mysteries, such as where does the sun hide when it rains and what makes the moon come out during the day. This work can encourage a child's natural curiosity to ask questions and explore topics by providing explanations that are rich with animation, color pictures, sounds, and spoken text. Examples of interactive children's books are Broderbund Software's Living Books series, such as Just Grandma and Me, Arthur's Teacher Trouble, and The Rabbit and the Hare, as well as Macmillan's Multimedia Dictionary for Children and Storybook Software's Four Footed Friends. The more critical area involved in publishing electronic books are design of a title should make it easy to use and provide more information and be more entertaining than a printed book. Otherwise, most people may not be willing to see more for an electronic version when they can just as easily buy and read a printed version.

To introduce this book to children effectively, we will transfer from the original passages to easy passages for children. We also make it concise to be understood to children easily because The Ramakien was written for the adult. The text is combined with computer generated pictures, animation, sounds, and music. And the text also is included in the electronic book as an source of graphic elements, for example, the text move from the left to the right very slowly. Computer generated pictures based on the original volume are different from each chapter and stand for the content of each chapter. The original pictures in the book are black & white pictures which were painted on the wall in the temple in Thailand, so we will change it to colorful pictures which children can like. Children can be imagine the content of the chapter while only seeing the picture of each chapter without reading the passage. After having fun with pictures, They read the text of each chapter. We will use movie clips, Quicktime movies, and cell animation to give enjoyment to children, navigating the Ramakien CD-ROM and to give another source to them, providing easy way to figure out the content of Ramakien story. Small scenes could be animated and triggered by the viewer in a game style interface as opposed to the normal click and go style interface. For these movies, actors and actresses perform as the role of every main character in the story. We will compose music based on the Thailand traditional music. Sound effects and voices will be used for corresponding the contents of each chapter.

Some electronic books, published by commercial companies, are used as examples to develop the main idea. Electronic versions of existing printed materials are a popular electronic book form and one that many consider the primary definition of an electronic book. The Voyager Company with its Expanded Books series, for example, publishes electronic versions of popular print books specifically for Apple computers. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park, and Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy are a few of the selections in this series. To follow a philosophy of remaining true to an author's style, Voyager does not embellish original text and graphics with sound or animation unless the author agrees.

In conclusion, This is a collaboration of three persons from iEAR studio who are interested in doing different integrated arts. Producing this work is a good chance to explore multimedia areas. It is a challenge to develop a book based on text to a new meterial with integrated arts. Also, to find new source and method extending artistic vision and ideas is a pending question. We think of new methods to successfully communicate ideas and feelings to the public.