Title: Atterimages

Exhibition: SIGGRAPH 2003 at San Diego, USA

Exhibition Date: 03.27.2003 - 03.31.2003

Exhibition Book: Electronic Art and Animation Catalog, SIGGRAPH 2003

Award: ART GALLERY, 3D Works

Softwrare:Photoshop, AfterEffect, FastEdit Video Editing System

Hardware : SONY DV, Five TV Monitors, One Projector


A generation that is confused by two cultures, “Television Culture” and “Digital Culture.”

The previous generation lived in what could be called the “Television Culture,” and the next generation will live in a “Computer Culture.” My generation lives in an era between the two. Television and computer media are among the most significant inventions of what could be called the modern information system; however, we are often unaware of the effects these media have on our consciousness. “Afterimages” sculpture raises questions about the influences and effects of television and the computer on the cultures they create.

The sculpture consists of five stacked monitors, which are four monitors showing digital body animation and the top monitor of the sculpture acting as the body’s eyes and mind, projecting their point of view as the influence of the Television and Computer Cultures. My intent is to represent the influence of these cultures on the audience’s bodies and brains through the electronic body in the monitor screens and the video images on the top monitor.

The intent of the Afterimages sculpture is to suggest the loss of our natural minds to technologies and machines. New technologies influence our minds slowly; we often cannot detect the effects. “Afterimages” captures the idea that we do not easily realize the loss of our minds.

The matter of creativity is a subject with which the sculpture is concerned. Creativity has been regarded as the main permanent power of artists from the Stone Age. Nevertheless, technology is affecting the natural human brain and creativity-artists may lose their natural creativity in the future. The Afterimages sculpture is a caution to all people, including artists, who use technology carelessly.

The issue of the relationship between people and technology exists only in the present generation. The present generation is confused because people live between two cultures, Television Culture and Computer Culture. The present generation is perfectly adapted to the Television Culture, but they are not in tune with the Computer Culture. Only the present generation can recognize the problems associated with the technology. The Afterimages sculpture suggests the invisible effects from the digital technology and the television technology. These effects from technologies presently have no name.

한 인간의 모습을 통하여 두 세대, TV 세대 와 Digital 세대, 사이에서 혼란을 겪는 인간의 모습을 그렸습니다. 예전의 세대는 TV 세대라고 불려지고, 다음 세대는 분명 디지털 세대일 것입니다. 지금 현재 세대는 과도기적인 세대임에 틀림없습니다. TV 와 Computer 미디어는 현재 인포메이션 시스템으로 불릴만큼 가장 혁신적인 발명품임에 틀림없습니다. 하지만, 우리는 그 편리함과 방대한 정보에 반하여 인간 인식에 대한 그 매체들의 영향을 모르고 입습니다. 이 TV 다섯대와 프로젝터 한대로 이루어진 Installation 작품은 그 인간의 인식이 그 미디어에 대해 어떻게 영향받고 변하고 있는 우리 자신들의 모습을 투영하고 있습니다.